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Three Days of Light!!!

on November 6, 2012

Ahhh, here we go. To follow is the story of my experience at The Three Days of Light Festival on Black Mountain in North Carolina. Absolutely transformational, magical weekend. It is now Monday and I am at home wishing I was still there. *sigh* But I know that I will see them again in a near ‘NOW’ moment. 🙂 It was just too beautiful to have it be an isolated experience!

My two friends, Zulay and Jenna, and I arrived to check in just before dinnertime on Friday, November 2nd…we were to stay in a rustic cabin, and immediately upon checking in we were informed just how ‘rustic’ they really were….the door was a screen door, and there was no glass on the windows. No heat in the cabins(which I knew already), and it was forecasted to be in the low 30’s that night. Brrrrr!!! So we picked a cabin, drove to find it, unloaded the car, and went down the mountain trail, 3 flights of stairs, and some more mountainside to the dining hall(YES, I got major exercise this weekend!)….we arrived and feasted our eyes on a couple of hundred(and then some!) smiling, welcoming faces, and the first of our amazingly delicious vegan meals, homemade Minestrone soup and salad. Every single bite of food I put in my mouth this weekend was vegan, and absolutely delicious! I was almost wheat-free for the whole weekend too, but not quite. 😉

So, we ate, we mingled, and then Zulay went off somewhere and Jenna and I hung out. I took a tumble down the mountainside, confidently walking behind Jenna, who was holding a somewhat feeble little flashlight to light our path. I hit a branch that was stuck in the ground(or maybe a root), and iced tea went flying everywhere, as I went forward in slow motion, desperately trying to catch myself to no avail. Ouchies 😉  ~ after I got up and dusted myself off we took some pictures with the Peace Bus, then went and danced the night away. Scott Love(the master planner of this beautiful event) had announced during dinner that there were schedules posted in the kitchen, but I didn’t even look at one that night, I was just SO happy just being there, and felt like I was in a mild state of euphoria. I danced more that night than I have since before I became a mama 6 years ago. Maybe more than I ever have this lifetime….the music was amazing  just like everything else.

After a quite frigid but pretty good night of sleep, I awoke a little after 9 and we rushed to get down to the dining hall, since breakfast was supposed to be served until 10. Right after breakfast there was a channeling, the first one that I got to witness/be a part of in person, with Becky Arrington, who actually lives not too far from me in GA. WONDERFUL lady, and what came through her rang so true. She spoke of allowance, said that Spirit wants to bring us back to homeostasis, the perfect balance of male and female/yin yang energy…that Spirit wants us to be an active participant in our lives, and not just sit back and trust that everything will be taken care of for us. And the most touching thing that was said, which impacted me on a deep level and made me shed a few tears, was to imagine ourselves going back to our childhood homes where we grew up, finding our inner child, going to her, hugging her and telling her “I am your future self ~ It’s okay, you’re going to be alright ” ~ I was so moved by this, I had forgotten all about my inner child: I realized suddenly that she had been needing to be acknowledged and that she needs a creative outlet, which I really have not provided her up until then.  We then went into a guided meditation where tried to connect with our higher selves….I lost the vision a little bit though, and just ended up meditating on my own…. during this time I saw a lot of bright Indigo, which as most of you probably know is the color of the third eye chakra. I see colors quite often during meditation, but this was brighter and more intense than usual, and it really instilled a knowing that something magical was stirring in and around me.

Building up to the “meatiest” parts of this weekend…right after this workshop I rushed to go to another one, that started at 11:11. This one was led by Ginger Willingham, who does multidimensional work in order to help people clear issues that amy have become patterns in their lives…so we were to each pick an issue that we wished to see gone, and I picked anger. You would never think that a peace-loving person like me would have issues with anger, but oh yes I have and I have been really wanting to transcend this, but have been unable to on my own. 😦  So, we did a beautiful invocation and listened to her speak for a little while, and here is where I came to find out that in one or more of my past lives, I was part of an Egyptian religious war that left me with karmic debts and tangles, and that the people that are in my life today who I have recurring problems with, were also with me back in those days(I’m assuming warring against me and my ‘crew’), and that’s why I have been having these ongoing issues with them now. Hmmm! Up until that point I had not the faintest clue about any of my past lives or my guides, so I was very intrigued to hear all this, and it does ring faintly true for me. Definitely planning on doing more research on this; she told me that my spirit guides seem to be Egyptian as well, and that I have  a grandmother or great-grandmother type figure watching over me as well. Here I had a sudden realization and told her about it: my grandmother(who helped raise me) on my mother’s side made her transition in 2008, and HER mother, my great-grandmother who I never met in this lifetime, was named Ascension. How trippy is that??!! She laughed and said that she was pretty sure that is who is watching over me. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. 😉

Okay! Here we go. The pinnacle of my 3DL experience. At 3:33 on Saturday November 3rd (<<— ha!) there were two different workshops I wanted to go to…..and I almost decided to not go to the one that would change my life forever. One one side of the dining hall there was a workshop called ‘Channeling your Higher Self’ which I was felt very pulled towards, and waaaay on the otherside, across a huge stretch of grass, was the Merkaba/Light Body Activation. Now, up until that point I had no real idea of what our own personal Merkaba was….I knew that it was the vehicle for Ascension but I didn’t really understand that it meant activating our Light bodies(yeah, I know. It’s kinda right there in the title 😉  ~ so, I see this huge group of people walking to where the Light Body Activation would be, and I turned around and walked all the way over to the dome where the ‘Channeling’ workshop would be, but when I got there and made myself comfortable,  I found that there was no speaker, but that it was more like a discussion at the front of the group, and I couldn’t even make out what they were saying. So almost immediately, I got up, put my shoes back on, and hurried back over to the other side, where Pheonyx Roldan Smith (LOVE this guy!!) was gently leading the large group of people out of a beginning meditation. I sat down, took my shoes off and grounded myself into our lovely, beautiful Earth….so Pheonyx began telling us about how the Merkabah is the Chariot of Ascension, otherwise known as our light body, which  is talked about in ancient Egyptian as well as Hebrew texts, but in Egypt it is known as the Merkanah. More information on the light body/Merkabah here:  Very interesting stuff!! So, this workshop was, in a nutshell, a guided synchronized breathing workshop. He instructed us to breathe sharply in through our nose, and forcefully out of the mouth. Then, after we did that for however many minutes(5, maybe?) we would relax for a few minutes, then pick up the pace and breathe together faster. Stop again, and then one more time(if I remember correctly)… we started, and at first I don’t think I got many visions, I was just breathing and started feeling an intensity building up in my body. This girl behind me started making moaning sounds, and after a little while it really sounded like she was having an orgasm(yes, from breathing!). Then someone else started with moaning sounds….all kinds of sounds started erupting from the group, as we collectively breathed in our noses and out of our mouths, led by Pheonyx on his microphone. My nostrils felt like they were on fire, but still I kept on. At some point my emotion welled up and my throat started burning, and when that first session ended I suddenly released and cried. Started the second session, which I think was in and out through the nose(as if my poor nostrils hadn’t been through enough)……I hung in there, breathed to the rhythm of the group, although a few times I did have to slow my breathing down and take a rest because I thought I might hyperventilate. Here I will describe the second and third session together, for my visions and bodily sensations for both are kind of intertwined, with the only difference being that in the third session we were breathing even faster still.  I laid down flat on the ground, completely connected to our beloved Mother. My eyes were closed, and I believe here is when I started having major color visions behind my closed eyes….I think I mentioned before that usually when I meditate I see little orbs of color, fading away….THIS time, I was seeing what can only be described as explosions of color, first I saw (I think in a diamond shape), pearly pink and gold, which reminded me of my dear friend David Rananda Spears 🙂 …..then there was electric blue with what seemed like fuschia, some twinkling lights… hands and feet went numb and felt like they were vibrating, then the sensation went up my arms and into my chest area, maybe even my face(?) and definitely my calves. I was numb but at the same time kind of vibrating all over, as I breathed in/out in/out, listening to the varying sounds from the people around me, and eventually from within me rose some pretty- close-to-orgasm sounds as well. From breathing! Totally bizarre!! After the second set(and maybe during) I released and cried again, and during the third I was virtually sobbing in between breaths, with all these other sensations and sounds and colors going on. It was the MOST INTENSE EXPERIENCE I have ever had, and at one point I thought my physical body might literally explode from the major influx of energy. Then, we came to a close. I don’t even remember how exactly, but he eased us out of it, we finished the last session and he said, in his mellow, soothing voice: “Now….gently sit up if you are laying down, open your eyes, look around you, and connect with one of your neighbors.” At which point I literally had the thought of: “Oh WOW, there’s OTHER PEOPLE here!!!” LOL ~ of course I knew that, but the experience was such an intricate internal journey, that it was a SHOCK, to open my eyes and see myself surrounded by people that had just had a very similar experience. So….at this point I was trying to regain my composure, when I opened my eyes and gazed to my right and slightly in front of me. This really awesome sister with long hair turned around and our gazes met…and I burst into tears all over again.  We hugged, everyone was connecting and hugging all around us ~ and she just held me while I sobbed. Lol ~ I don’t even remember her name, nor did I get a picture with her, and for this I am a little sad; I hope I can reconnect with her on facebook(edit: I did in fact find her, her name is Delia 🙂 She was just WONDERFUL. So then the whole huge group of us joined hands and held space for ourselves with all this new energy, Pheonyx talked a little more, and the workshop ended, we all got up and mingled and talked and hugged, and cried some more. This was when I realized, that I felt really CLEAR for the first time ever, like a clear channel for God’s Light and Love. No more baggage, no more anger. Nothing but LIGHT!! And go figure, the very next morning, I had my first dream about “UFO’s” ~ in which I was driving down a highway with my family, and in a little clearing of trees off to the left, we drove by this HUGE, generic-looking hover craft. I was freaking out and told my husband to turn around, when he finally got back there, there were TWO, flying around each other and kind of doing tricks….then we were all in a cabin much like the one I was staying in, we were all inside and suddenly two fleets of miniature spacecraft came flying in through the windows, in diamond formations. There was a bookshelf dividing the room almost in half, and one of the fleets went and landed on the other side of the bookshelf, out of sight. I went over to where they were and asked them if they had a message for us, but they remained silent ~ no beings showed themselves, but I think I was communicating with them telepathically while they were in their miniature ships. I woke up and was totally in AWE of my “dream” ~ it was really so vivid.

Ironically, after that most amazing workshop I walked away in a cloud of bliss, bought some beautiful incense blessed by Tibetan monks, then came across a group of people doing, of all things, tantric yoga. 😉 I had already walked up and decided to join them, then the sweet lady leading it told me it was tantric yoga and I just kinda laughed to myself…after all I had just gone through I didn’t really ‘need’ this, but it was yoga, so I was doing it(this ended  up being the only yoga I did all weekend). It ended up being a variety of things wrapped up in one session though. First we did some nice stretching, then we did a chakra clearing, and she said a beautiful little prayer for each chakra….then we partnered up and did some Reiki on each other…..just felt each other’s energy fields and gently swept them a bit….I’m not sure that I felt anything but it was cool to practice nonetheless(I will be getting my first Reiki initiation on December 1st, and now I UNDERSTAND why I had to wait a couple of more months….I was supposed to do it in September but it didn’t work out). The most interesting part was the end, where we were standing up and kinda wiggled our bodies around, shaking any stale energy loose, and she said to let your body spontaneously make whatever sound it needed to and that: “This sounds a lot like sex” Mind you, this is in an open patch of grass with people walking around and watching us. LOL  ~ The Merkabah workshop definitely sounded a lot more like sex to me 😉 ~ but nonetheless, tantric yoga was an interesting experience, and thankfully we only mildly touched upon the ‘tantric’ part…I didn’t need any more intensity right then!!

The next morning I ate breakfast and then hiked halfway up the mountain to attend Susan LosCalzos’  Animal Spirit Guide workshop. She led us into a guided visualization where we were in a favorite room of ours, and opened the closet door to find a smaller door that we had not seen before. Inside the door was stairs going down, down, down, all the way to the bank of a river, where we took a small boat all the way to a field(?) with a path, and the path could go anywhere you wanted to…into woods, or into the sea(she even mentioned that we could breathe under water if we needed to 😉 ~ or a field….wherever. I was hesitant at first, there was a fork in the road and I didn’t know if I wanted to go to the forest of the ocean, but I decided to go into the forest, where I found a brown owl 🙂 ~ this vision came naturally to me, as the day before I briefly had a vision of a brown owl, for seemingly ‘no reason’. I brought him a gift of a huge acorn (lol, it was just what popped in my mind at the time), and asked him if he had a message for me, and he sat there, across from me on this branch in a tree, and just stared at me with his huge kind eyes, reminding me of the beauty of the gift of presence. 🙂

Ooooh, I almost forgot to mention the Qi Gong!!! This was with Pheonyx again, and it was, what he calls: “Totally Awesome Qi Gong” And it sure was!!! I came with the intention of clearing the pain and stiffness in my neck(from carrying around a bulky backpack for a couple of days) and it pretty much did the job, but also it was just wonderful to share Qi with a large group of people, and Pheonyx again. 🙂 For this practice we were seated the whole time, which was new to me, as most of the Qi Gong I’ve done has been standing up. We rooted ourselves deeply into the earth, with roots stretching from our sit bones all the way to the center of the earth, and a beam of light stretching from our heads to a far away star……connected to the Earth and the sky at the same time, and in this space we moved beautiful Qi. I don’t remember the names of the poses, but if I find a video of what we did I will gladly post it on here. At the end he made me cry again when he spoke, dang it. lol ~ he was speaking of moving forward now, being totally free of any past limitations, and oh, I hope I can find a recording of what he said cuz it was just perfect. The most amazing way to end the perfect weekend!! ❤

After this I had to eat lunch and hurry out of there, because I had to be home by late afternoon to give my husband a bit of  a break from being with the kids all weekend, but I ended up being so late in spite of my attempts to hurry(thankfully he took it well). I was sad to leave, but I am beyond grateful for this experience, and I know that it will stay with me always. If anyone is interested in having a true transcendental experience and CLEARING OUT all of the emotional baggage they might be carrying with them, I highly recommend finding Pheonyx Roldan Smith on Facebook, he travels and does the Light Body Activation workshop(and probably Qi Gong too), so if you get a chance to do one of his workshops, DO IT. Shake loose that emotional baggage that you might have been unconsciously holding on to, and get it blasted out of you ~ it’s an incredibly freeing experience!!!

I love you all!! Namaste

6 responses to “Three Days of Light!!!

  1. WOWwww—- dear Mia; what a fantastic seminar/workshop. I Love it. I even got a mention in there somewhere. Must try that breathing thing; sounds great. I think my Merkabah is activated; but have not mastered travelling in it yet. I can Astral travel but dont know if that is the same thing. Lots of love from Rananda. X

  2. Lyndsay says:

    That was so refreshing to read! And you are a wonderful writer, I really felt like I was you going through your experiences 😀 Sounds like such a profound experience, wow…Soo awesome!

  3. Beautiful Mia, I love having you in my life.

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